Monday, May 7, 2012

Goodbye to you Amy Wise & Mary Schaefer Week 14

This week was our last week of classes in Windhoek before heading to Cape Town. It feels like we just got here yesterday and we are already in the wrap-up week of our program and starting to say our goodbyes! In each of our classes we did a wrap-up of everything we have learned and in our development class we had one last presentation where we discussed two different issues of development we learned about and their effects on each other. It was hard to walk into every class this week realizing it was the last one.
Our first goodbye started with the internship farewell party. Throughout the semester most of us have been working on an independent project that our internships can use after we leave; that way, we could leave a lasting impact on the organizations. This week we got to present our independent projects to everyone in the house and to all the different organizations. Many people made pamphlets or games that their internships will be able to use for years. Our internships had a lasting impact on all of us. For some of us they helped guide our paths for the future and for others they taught that we could help out in the present. We learned that because civil society in Namibia is new it is still struggling to find its footing, and even if as interns we do the smallest of tasks we are still a big help to the organization.
In Politics and Religion we reviewed what we had learned throughout the semester and realized that without our classes we would not have gained such a good understanding of life in Namibia. We also learned that all our classes over lap with each other and without one it would have been difficult to understand the ideas and themes in the other classes.
In development everyone presented on different topics we had learned about throughout the semester. It was fun to watch everyone get excited about different areas of development and present on them.  Each person showed how the two topics they learned about affected one another. For instance, Amy’s project was on unemployment and education in Namibia and she showed what a large impact having or not having secondary schooling has on a person’s ability to gain a job in Namibia’s competitive work force. She also explained how if people are unemployed they will not be able to send their children to school which continues the cycle of unemployment and a lack of education in families.
At the end of the week once our classes ended we began work on our integrative projects. These are projects that incorporate elements of topics we have learned about from all our classes, home stays, and internships into one twenty minute presentation. It is yet another way that we are able to see how all the classes have similar themes that have a large effect on Namibian society. All in all, this last week of classes really showed how much we had learned and gained from this semester here, and it will be hard to say goodbye as we get ready to spend our last week in Cape Town.

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